Nanatsuiro Drops – 05

Haru and Sumomo’s class takes a trip to the beach for three days, one of the nights being a new moon causing Haru to remain in human form during the night.


I was impressed with this episode; I thought it was really good. They really seem to be doing an excellent job of making the focus of this show not solely on the magic part. In a really good way they aren’t solely focusing on collecting stardrops. As, if that is the only magic, if there is no evil boss, collecting them won’t really give that interesting of a climax. With he kind of focus they are putting into the character development and relationships, its really making things interesting and honestly I think the best part of the show will be the conclusion to the romance and relationships instead of the outcome of the stardrop collecting, which is rare to see in a mahou shoujo show. They’ve done a good job of including Yuuki in this love mess too. Its not really so much a love triangle, as its not like the girls are fighting over him, throwing themselves at his feet, but Yuuki’s feelings seem to be gradually growing, Sumomo is just way too shy, and Haru well seems really stupid by not even considering he is the one Sumomo likes. But, not really stupid in a bad for his character way as it would ruin the show and not really be any fun if he just figured that out right away, it goes back to the same issue almost every media has when showing a story that the viewer knows more about situations and characters then the characters themselves and have to realize that.

One thing I was a bit surprised about and almost a bit disappointed you could say is that this is the second new moon they’ve featured in an episode, but they have yet to have an episode where there is a full moon and hence meaning he will be stuffed animal all day. Not that the new moon episodes are bad, it allows for some good character development, but I was looking forward to a full moon episode, and with this it may be a while before they show one just because they cant really feature the moon different moon cycles with back to back episodes. I really want to see if any flags go off in someone’s mind about him being gone that day or something. Naoko, I think that’s her name, Sumomo’s friend, seems to be really sharp. She seemed a bit more then curious at Haru as a lamb finding the, and she was the one who saw through Yuuki’s brilliant disguise. Perhaps she’ll find out his secret and kind of help any kind of relationship between Sumomo and Haru unfold because of the new information.

One thought on “Nanatsuiro Drops – 05”

  1. Remember, if anyone finds out he’ll be stuck as a stuffed animal. That would be bad. Which means it’s going to happen, I’m sure. ;)

    I really liked Yuuki in this episode. She’s impressing me, because while she is proud, she’s not BAD. She was willing to admit that she didn’t know how to wash the rice, and to ask for Haru to help. And all throughout the episodes thus far, she’s been Sumomo’s rival, but not an ENEMY. She’s here for a competition, to match the skill she’s worked hard to attain against a similar opponent. The girls aren’t expected to fight or harm each other. I hope to see them become friends, even while they’re competing against each other.

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