Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ – 25 [Final]

Sayuri struggles to get the courage to tell Riku her feelings for him before he leaves and transfers schools.


Well, that ending was kind of half what I wanted. I had really said that I wanted Riku to stay and end up with Sayuri. However, it seems as if he didn’t in the end. However they seemed to put a rather good end on the relationship between Riku and Sayuri. They pretty much confessed and although they are apart Sayuri’s little speech was nice and left a rather warm feeling that even though they aren’t at the same school there is hope for their relationship. The whole confession at the end was incredibly touching. I absolutely loved it. It really was the final moment the entire series was building up to, and really Sayuri paraphrases everything about her character extremely nicely. Howe she was all miss perfect but that wasn’t really her, Riku allowed her to feel comfortable being who she really was and all. I just loved her speech when confessing to him and thought it was very touching. It was also really cool the way Inukai kind of gave Riku the courage to not just run away from Sayuri’s feelings. I don’t quite get Riku’s reasoning or hesitation at first but it was still cool to see Inukai step in briefly like that. He’s always been a rather cool character.

As for the non serious part of the show, it was rather fun. One of the downfalls of the show are some of the silly moments, all of the running events and things like that however they did a good enough job on this last one, and considering it was the last one I did find it amusing. Most of all though I loved the Hiyoko part. He was always one of the funniest parts of the show and the way he just totally kicked ass at the end was great. Then of course one of my other favorite really minor characters, the crazy store lady was in this segments too which made it very fun. She was always amusing for no real reason so it was neat to see some of the small things come together at the end.

Final Words:

Well, I’m not sure what to say about this show exactly. I have a bit of mixed feelings. Really, it’s a perfect straightforward example of a school romance anime that many shows are. Excluding some shows like School Days, this seemed rather typical, but as such suffered from shortcomings. There was never really any seriousness or drama in the show until the very end and I think that hurt it a bit. Really the show would have been better if it were only 12 episodes long because they could have cut out a lot of the fat. Hell, one of the downfalls I heard people talking about for this show was that at times it was just way too silly and chaotic. It’s something that doesn’t really fit well or very easily into a show that focuses on romance, which it really did near the end. However, despite its shortcomings the end was very interesting to watch and became intriguing as to what would happen. The girls didn’t’ just sit idly by, they confronted him and he really made a choice between them. I was surprised that for a while it really seemed as if they balanced what girl he was going to end up with. Although it seemed like Sayuri from the beginning because she was kind of the idol and main girl which a lot of ero games have, she wasn’t all over him from the start, so it was made interesting.

One thing that surprised me about the series, and I guess looking back it’s in a good way, is how they dealt with some of the characters. In particular I think of Sayuri. In the beginning I remember thinking, and you can even go back and check what I wrote for the first episodes, that I wanted Riku to end up with anyone but Sayuri. I felt that she was too perfect of a character; she was an idol of the school and wasn’t flawed. However character definitions seem to come from the flaws, it’s what makes them interesting. Near the end of the series however I guess Sayuri really did warm up as a human character. She showed signs of weakness, that she didn’t know how to deal with love and was confused abut her feelings and then actually turn out to be the least brave out of the three girls that were gunning for Riku. I really think her weakness made her a better character. Its more then just the fact that she’s weak though, a character can’t be hopeless and still be good, however Sayuri really did seem to become something much more at the end and I think that made her character even better. The fact that she didn’t start out one way and carry that though, that she evolved and changed thought he series. That by itself was very interesting to watch and helped make the show good.

Overall, it was a good show. Not really something that will stand the test of time, and by no means was it perfect. It had some good points but there were a lot of bad points that stopped it from reaching very high, still though, it was rather amusing and interesting and if you don’t analyze things too hard it was fun to watch.

6 thoughts on “Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ – 25 [Final]”

  1. Yeah, that’s about how I felt too…it was fun to watch, but kind of average overall. Hiyoko was awesome, and I actually liked some of the insane chase sequences, but the rest of the cast was a little disappointing. Riku was the worst stereotype of a male lead in this kind of series–completely indecisive, just getting pulled along by whatever’s happening. Although I guess if he wasn’t such a coward and had the balls to tell Sayuri he liked her, this series would have been over around episode 5 so they needed him to be that way. But compared to Tatsuya from Yoakena, even Yuichi from Kanon, Riku is pretty sorry. Kasuga also annoyed me to no end, she’s practically a clone of Hikaru from Kimagure Orange Road–the whole “you’re my destined boyfriend!” out of the blue thing and the resulting cling-a-thon just makes my stomach turn. Mina’s transformation into a creepy stalker who cries all the time was pretty alarming as well. Sayuri did get the best character development…although I still think in the end, Riku didn’t do a very good job answering her confession.

    I guess I have mixed feelings on Tokimemo :) – on the one hand, I liked the animation, character designs, Sayuri’s development over the course of the series, and some of the cast, and the eccentric school setting was unique–but on the other, there was a lot of wasted potential, and I think keeping all three girls strung along for so long just made Riku look bad and diluted what could have been a stronger focus on Riku and Sayuri.

  2. I don’t think the ending was that bad o.O
    it seemed pretty good…
    it’s just Riku and Sayuri never did anything reelly
    so it sorta seemed stupid
    they both liked each other and in the end they never really do anything
    and then he has to leave as well

  3. i think the ending is little bit sad b’cause riku and sayuri are apart.i also feel sorry for tsukasa and yayoi because it seem like they love riku so much,and it really touched my heart when tsukasa and yayoi cry after riku meet them for last time.however they still had contact each other and it make me happy. (one question: can i know what riku said to sayuri in mobile phone after he transfer school? please tell me!! i need it so much cause my cd had made some trouble.

  4. i thought this series should have a 2nd season based on the view point after they are seperated say… maybe college sorta like how tenchi in tokyo was haha! this is my far my favorite anime of this kind. And to hell with you guys who think poorly of this one saying its only average and stuff lol you obvioiusly have poor taste in good art and story. holla!

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