Sky Girls – 05

The girls all have to practice for an inspection of their Sonic Diver team, which unbeknownst to Otoha and Karen will decide whether or not their squad will be disbanded.


This episode was ok. It really wasn’t the best though, as it seems like it’s getting a bit more apparent that the show is kind of dragging its feet at the beginning for the really interesting stuff later on. That generally does seem to be a problem of many shows that have the 24-26 episode range, but if they can make those non plot episodes good, it will be fine. This episode did have some interesting things though, it’s just that it didn’t have a lot and I just hope that future episodes will at least have something, like this episode did. They kind of started to reveal and hint that the mechas have minds or spirits of their own in this one, as Zero seemed to jam and drop his own gun and get out the sword. Of course, this isn’t’ really a surprise anymore. Hell, I’d be surprised if there was a show other then the Gundam series where the giant mechas weren’t actually alive. Still, depending on how they explain or twist it, Zero being alive could be interesting or just another normal occurrence.

It seems like the next episode won’t really be much more in terms of anything serious. It seems like it will be just another solve some minor problem of one of the people who work at the base. While that’s not necessarily bad, I just hope they make them good quality. It’s ok for the show to have some non plot episodes, but if they are bad or not really fun to watch then people will give up on the show before it gets to anything that is serious and interesting to watch. The show does seem like it will have something that may lead towards importance, as they showed a quick shot of the young girl with blond hair in the OP. I’m not sure what her part will be but perhaps we’ll at least get a minor introduction and perhaps a hint as to her part later in the show.

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