Lucky Star – 18

Yu spends some time with her own classmates for a change, visiting their house and hanging out while Konata continues with her normal activities.


I loved this episode. I’m impressed overall; this episode has really seemed to be considerably more interesting then some of the other episodes. Of course, I’m pretty sure I know why too. I said before that the show would be interesting and more enjoyable if they included some of the side characters in it more, and really this episode featured them more then any other episode has. Really, it was fun to see the characters. Although they didn’t really replace the main characters, and didn’t really join in with their group, they had their own moments which were great. I loved seeing Yu’s friends. The one who draws and seems to be into the yuri was very funny, commenting on how she shouldn’t draw her friends perversely and think about them like that. I found that hilarious. Really, I hope they do some more of this kind of episode. Again, its not like they have to focus the episode on the new character or have them take the main focus away form the main four girls, but its still really interesting and I think extremely funny to see them in their own little bits.

Lucky Channel this time around was ok. It wasn’t the best. I guess it doesn’t help that the previous episodes Lucky Channel was so unique and great. While this time it didn’t have anything as unique and interesting as that really weird odd guy who is drawn differently, this time around there was at least something that was a bit different then some of the random ones. As I said above they really have started to pulling some of the side characters, and this Lucky Channel actually addressed that, which impressed me a bit. For them to not just randomly talk about things but to take notice of things in the show and comment on that, it was pretty interesting. Now, they didn’t really tell us much about all of these new characters, just really their name. However it’s really just the fact that they said anything at all that made it interesting.

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