Lucky Star – 17

The girls celebrate Konata’s birthday and talk about what it’s like being an only child compared to having siblings.


This episode was pretty good. It didn’t really have anything super hilarious like last episodes showing of where Konata works, but it was still pretty good. I thought Konata’s birthday was pretty interesting but it seemed like they didn’t focus on something that important nearly enough. I would have like to see them do a bit more, but it was fairly funny how they did a whole 24 thing for the preparation and I loved Konata’s comment about she’s excited because she’ll be able to buy and play ero games now. They seemed to put a lot of focus on Kagami and Tsukasa’s home life, which was a bit surprising but really fairly interesting. It seemed more of a serious topic then they usually do, about how she feels about her siblings and all.

I absolutely loved Lucky Chanel this episode. It’s defiantly one of my favorites so far. Generally they don’t seem to have anything special about them at all. Really, thinking back most of the segments are the same expect for the few times when they would do a “character introduction” however, still they were all roughly the same. The inclusion of the really crazy differently drawn guy was hilarious. I always found it rather amusing when he sowed up in the show and when he showed up now in Lucky Chanel it was great. I especially loved how he really broke the fourth wall. Although several anime lately have done this, for the most part Lucky Star hasn’t but this bit of the odd guy in Lucky Channel did. That combined with the fact it is rather amusing to watch him and how he interfered with how things normally went made it very fun to watch.

I found the ED very fun to watch too. I’m still not really sure what to think about the newer EDs compared to the first set, but it was very funny to watch the live action seiyuu of Shiraishi sing and dance the ED. At first I thought the new EDs were going to be not as good but if they keep up with things like this, where they have really weird and odd things I think it will be fine, because just watching this made me laugh out loud so it deserves some mention.

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