D. Gray-Man – 43

Allen and Crowly investigate a statue that a villager they stumble across says has moved on its own and gone into the mountains.


This episode seemed to be oddly a bit lax. Nothing much really happened at all. I mean sure, they were attacked by Lulubell, one of the members of the Noah family, but really I was surprised at how the battle went down. They just fled in the middle of battle. The actual fighting didn’t really go on for very long. It really seemed lie this episode was a waste. Yeah sure, they managed to slow down Allen and Crowly, but if they had skipped this episode al together then we wouldn’t know how far they are anyways so really it seemed like it served no point whatsoever. Really, in the end nothing happened. The battle was completely isolated in this episode and it didn’t even really result in anything. They didn’t learn anything about the enemy, the enemy really didn’t hinder them except for at the end slowing them down time wise, which again as I stated could have not been shown and produced the same effect. Really, I was a bit disappointed in this episode. Really, they don’t have too many episodes left to go and it felt like they just wasted this one. After all, they may have a handful of episodes left but with a series that runs as long as this one the climax and super serious exciting episodes have to be a string of more then one, so hopefully they’ll get past the Lulubell thing soon and get onto the rest of the dozen other things they have to conclude.

The next episode seems to be Lenalee and Lavi’s run in with Lulubell and the maid Akuma. I’m not really too sure about how good it’s going to be. After all, they are separated form Allen and Crowly it seems like anything that is going to happen will be rather self contained. As in, it won’t really matter at all, just like this episode. I’m really curious and a bit afraid that they are going to be stuck in this Lulubell thing too long and the rest of the series won’t be as good.

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