Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ – 05

Louise’s sisters are asked by Henrietta to help teach offensive magic at the school due to the times of war and when a thief and spy is suspected to be in the school, Saito must investigate the two sisters.


This episode was pretty good. It wasn’t anything really shocking and big like last episode and the little romance bit about Louise and Saito’s relationship. However, it was still kind of interesting. Really though, it doesn’t have too much to do with any overall plot. Although they dealt with a spy, they didn’t really really connect her and the giant war plot, more like she was acting on her own under the direction of someone who almost seemed to be unrelated to the war and the crazy bitch with the ring who used to be the ugly bad guy from last season’s secretary. Seeing this episode, I’m not too sure that a lot of the episodes will focus on that. Although they will have the content of war and things not being really peachy, I’m not sure they will get into the heavy stuff and the secretary girl till the end.

As I suspected, they didn’t really have any big changes to the relationship between Louise and Saito in this episode. As in, they pretty much acted the same even though there was a huge advancement in the last episode with Saito actually stating to Louise he loved her. It’s understandable in a way, seeing as how a lot of the comedy comes from Louise being a tsundere, and she can’t have one side of that without being mad and trying to nearly kill Saito. They did at least reference that even though, but overall nothing was really different. It would have been nice if they would have at lest made the more sweet moments a bit more fitting to their situation. I’m not saying to not have any of the Louise trying to kill Saito moments, but make the times when she is being nice a bit more sweet so they don’t waste that event. Still, I doubt there will really be any change until maybe the final episode or near the end when the final climax comes. Next episode Saito seems to go do something with Henrietta and they seem really close. Although I don’t think anything will happen really, as nothing really serious will, its still fuel for more of the same Louise wanting to kill Saito. I can only hope for some real romance conclusion at the very end.

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