Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ – 23

It’s Valentine’s Day and Sayuri struggles with getting up the courage to give Riku chocolates she’s made for him, while Riku finds out something that could change everything for him.


Well, this episode was certainly more interesting then some of the ones that have been recently. It’s defiantly moving on to the climax now and I’m really interested in what happens. This episode was great really. It had a lot of focus on Sayuri’s growing feelings for Riku, and then more importantly it springs the huge issue, which will likely be the final climax of the series no matter how they deal with it, of Riku going away.

I really in the end don’t want Riku to go. There are many ways that this show could turn now, rather easily too, but I really want him to somehow stay at the school. I’m not sure if its possible, but hell there are plenty of character that live on their own, he should do that at least. I’m a bit surprised with how this show has made me feel about the characters. I really want the relationship between Riku and Sayuri to go somewhere, and if he moves away then it really won’t happen. It seems a waste if in the end he does go away. I can easily see the show doing somewhere where he actually does go away in the end but they have some half happy ending where people’s feelings are let known or he says some crap about visiting over the breaks giving some hope that a relationship will happen when it wouldn’t be the same as if he were still there. I don’t know how they are going to pull it off, especially if they are to also make it make sense and not hurt the story, but I really want for Riku to end up staying and end up with Sayuri now. I just, really hope he stays, because if he doesn’t it will kind of ruin the series for me as it will feel that all the show has led up to is for nothing. Of course, matters aren’t helped by the fact that Riku thinks that Sayuri likes Sakurai, but I hope they blow past that misunderstanding, get Sayuri’s feelings out and have Riku stay.

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