Sky Girls – 04

The girls all get a day off from work so they head into the city to do some shopping when Karen discovers she has lost her treasured pen given to her by her brother.


I thought this episode was rather good. They introduced a new character so those kind of episodes are generally interesting. However, seeing as he’s just a communicator I’m not too sure how much we’ll see of him or how important he’ll be in the episodes to come. It was a fairly interesting character though, and it’s a guy around the main character’s age so there is the possibility of romance I guess, but I’m not really counting on that or suspecting it to be focused on very highly in this kind of show. Still, there is the possibility and it will be interesting to see if anything is kind of hinted at. He seemed to click with Karen and she has the whole shyness thing so it may be interesting to see her overcome that. Either way, this episode wasn’t really focused on the overall plot, but despite of that it was still fun to see the characters interact on a break like day as I’m not sure we’ll get to see as much of those character quirks in some of the episode where they are piloting and training.

One thing I was a bit surprised about in this episode was Eika. She seems to be warming up a lot more then I expected her to. I was thinking that throughout a great deal of the show she would remain rather isolated and kind of mean, thinking of herself more highly. Then of course there would be the small moments she would redeem herself. However, she really showed herself as extremely friendly and kind in this episode, which kind of threw me off a bit. She was joking around and having fun with everyone on the day off. I don’t know how much of that is going to transfer over once they have some more normal episodes where they aren’t just on days off, but it will certainly be interesting to see how her character develops.

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