Nanatsuiro Drops – 04

When a stardrop lands in a pool Sumomo is unable to retrieve it due to her fear of water and wonders if she’ll be able to make it as a mage.


This episode was pretty good. It wasn’t really anything super, but it was a pretty good normal episode. It seems as if its one of the first of what will likely end up filling up most of the rest of the episodes except the last couple, as everyone has been introduced now and its just kind of the stardrop of the week episodes. Not that that’s really bad, the show needs them; I just hope they all stay interesting. All in all, this on wasn’t bad though.

I was really surprised that they announced Yuuki’s identity so early. I mean, she had only been really introduced last episode and already they’ve made it not a secret that she is the other mage. What really surprises me the most is that Yuuki has one of the best disguises of any mahou shoujo girl I’ve ever seen. I mentioned this before but want to say it again. I saw Yuuki with blue hair in the OP but when they showed Yuuki in blond hair as the mage I didn’t draw a connection at all. It actually surprised me when they revealed to the viewer that she was the mage. However, despite it being the best disguise I’ve seen right away they figured it out and then announced it. I was not expecting that t all. I thought that they would make it a bit more of a secret for a while, having them not know it was Yuuki and all. Still, this really does make it so that more interesting things can happen during school time and not only after school hours at stardrop hunting times, so really it does seem like it would fit for the better.

I still want someone to figure out Haru’s identity (Finally I get his given name, I’ve been calling him Tsuwabaki because I didn’t know what his whole name was) I know they said that it would make things not work but perhaps they can bend the rules for a mage or something. I don’t think it would be as interesting if Sumomo knew right now, but if Yuuki or Sumomo’s friend whose name escapes me finds out I think it would make for things to be much more interesting.

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