Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ – 04

Louise is taken by her sister back to her home because of the ongoing war and is insisted by her sister that she become a bride and give up magic, much to Louise’s distress.


Holy shit. This episode was huge. I wasn’t really expecting this episode to have anything really important in it. I was just expecting it to be more or less an introduction to Louise’s sisters and family. However, they really made some advancement with the relationship between Louise and Saito. Although at the end Louise still got really pissed off at Saito, it’s bound to happen just for the sake of the show’s comedy. Despite that though, this was huge. Saito actually stating directly to Louise’s face that he loves her was big. They had just tip toed around the idea so far, but this early into the second season Saito pretty much seals the deal and tells Louise that he loves her. Now, I don’t really think their relationship will really change all too much, at least of the majority of the series. There will still be insecurities and jealousy from Louise and all, but still, although nothing will change really it’s still pretty damn big and really leaves the door open for even more really big advancement near the very end. It does seem like Siesta hasn’t given up yet, which is a bit surprising.; There’s no way really that Saito will go for her, ESPEICALLY after actually stating not only to himself but actually to Louise that he loves her, even though he may think pervertedly about her at times, he’s not going to end up with her. I guess her advances towards him will really just be there to add those comedy bits of Louise getting mad at Saito, but all in all after the things in this episode it won’t really matter.

Asides from the really big revelation in this episode, it was very interesting got see and have Louise’s sisters included in the show now. I was looking forward to this episode without the assumption there was going to be any real romance advancement just because Louise’s sisters had the opportunity, and fulfilled it, of being very interesting characters and have very interesting events happen between them. Really, it was fun to see both the way she fought with one, and looked up to and was cared by another and I hope they are included rather frequently throughout the rest of the show.

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