School Days – 05

Makoto and Kotohana go to the pool with several classmates from school, where Makoto is confused about his feelings for Sekai while he’s going out with Kotohana.


Wow….just…wow. This episode was huge. I wasn’t rally expecting it to be much more then a swimsuit episode, as most series have one like this at either the beach or a pool. However, it really became so much more then that. It really tied into the whole really intriguing relationships they’ve been showing. I mean…my god, this episode was huge. Makoto admits to himself and Sekai that he loves Sekai, and then has sex with her. Wow….. I’m not sure what to think. From the beginning, I kind of liked Sekai a bit more than Kotohana. Her character was rather fun and she really seemed to click with Makoto a lot better then Kotohana. I kind of wanted her to end up with Makoto in the end. I just wasn’t expecting it to turn towards her this fast and in this way. It really did surprise me. However, I’m still not sure how the overall end is going to be. Although he’s done this there are still so many possibilities of what’s going to happen. Howe Kotohana finds out, what she does, if Makoto end sup staying with Sekai. Even though they made such a huge step forward in the plot with this episode, the way this show is focused there is still so much more, and so many more possibilities of what can happen that it really does amaze me.

I really do feel sorry for Kotohana though. Although From the firs episode I kind of felt sorry for Sekai, seeing as she liked Makoto but did what she could to kind of help him and Kotohana, I still thought she should end up with him. Now that there is this though, I do feel sorry for Kotohana as well. Not that I would want to change my answer to who he should end up with, but I still feel sorry. She really does care about him but all along he hasn’t been in the relationship the whole way. Now he’s kind of betrayed her like this even though she cares about him so much. I’m really torn with what to think about all this. I want him to be with Sekai, but he’s kind of cheating and betraying Kotohana. Sekai kind of stole him from Koto but she did a lot to try and keep Makoto away from her, its all really very interesting and with this kind of event this early I can’t wait to see what happens later.

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