Hayate no Gotoku – 18

Nagi and many other students from Hakou Academy go on a beach trip for some classes on a private beach, when the instructor there takes things a bit too far.


I loved this episode. I think overall it was just great. It had a lot of different content from all sorts of things. It had comedy, sweet moments, and a huge array of characters. It really felt like this episode had it all. It had most o f the side characters, it used them well, and it was full of comedy. Some of the comedy was just really weird and the other part was rather smart and cleaver comedy. Really, they did a great job on everything. I was expecting this episode to be really good. Most series always end up having a beach episode somewhere along the lines. Its not so much that I was looking forward to this for the beach part, but this show make fun of a lot of stuff and was looking forward to this shows unique take on the beach episode. It was very entertaining to watch. It didn’t quite make fun or note the normal clichés as much as I thought or hoped it would, but it was still overall very entertaining and really included everything.

I loved the really random shots of Hina. First because Hina is one of my favorite characters, and she’s really pretty hot too. The shots were all really of her in fanservicey shots. Not that they were ecchi, but just random shots of her in her swimsuit in those kind of poses sometimes. It was just fun to see them. Second, it was funny just because they really were completely randomly thrown in there. It’s not like she was with the rest of the class either, just random shots. The fact that Nagi actually mentions that, that the screenshots they showed didn’t fit in was even better. It broke the fourth wall completely, as it wasn’t just a narrator but the character commenting on it, plus its just funny that they point a random thing like that out that doesn’t make any sense.

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