D. Gray-Man – 42

On their way to find General Cross, Allen and the other exorcists are once again attacked by Lulubell, with a plan to separate the four of them so she can more easily defeat them before reaching their destination.


This episode was pretty good. Things have become rather interesting now that they are nearing the end. Although I would really like to see some actual fighting with Lulubell, for an episode that really didn’t do much it was pretty exciting. Nothing really happened in the sense that all that has changed sense the beginning is that Allen and Crowly are separated, but it was still really exciting to see this episode by itself. The whole bit about the fake Lenalee and them not knowing which one was which was interesting and made things a bit exciting. Again though, although it had a good amount of action and some inclusion of a Noah member, nothing really happened in the end and it felt like it was more or less just setting up for the next episode, which will hopefully be really good.

I am impressed that they are continuing the Lulubell segment. In the past they’ve only had really brief periods of the Noah family. It really seems like they are getting close to concluding some things. The Lulubell arc will continue into next episode it seems, and that’s not even anywhere close to what the final climax and fight of the series will be. Although the show started off a bit slow with a lot of fluff episodes, episodes not really advancing the overall plot, it has seemed to pick up and I suspect it will really continue for the rest of the series. It almost feels like there aren’t enough episodes left now. So, although of course there will be, hopefully, thing s will defiantly be really action packed from now on I would guess. They still have all the other Noah family ember to get though, plus then the overall fight with the Earl, figuring out what exactly the Heart of Innocence is, and finding Cross and having him take part in it. Although compared to a normal show, 10 episodes which is what is left about, may seem to be a lot, for a show that is this long it feels too short just because of all the content they still have to get though, which the whole series was pretty much leading up to. So I’m really looking forward to pretty much all of the releases now, as I’m sure they won’t really be boring, as they can’t afford to make them so.

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