School Days – 04

When Makoto tries to advance his relationship with Kotohana further, Kotohana gets embarrassed and Makoto doesn’t know what to do.


I thought this episode was pretty good. Overall though, it wasn’t that exciting. Nothing really big happened, they just had some of the things they have been doing lately with giving the relationship between Makoto and Kotohana some problems. However, I think it’s good because for the drama to be good they need some things like this. I was really into the show when Sekai and Makoto were doing their “special training” I kept thinking they were going to get caught or something, either by Kotohana or someone else. Even though they weren’t intending it to be anything really romantic, at least not Makoto, it would have been something really big that could have caused some interesting problems. I don’t have too much against nothing like that happening, as I’m sure the show will have those moments later, but it was still interesting and a bit exciting to watch that part because I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

I was very surprised and really impressed with the amount of relationship advancement they had between Sekai and Makoto. Although their actual relationship on the outside didn’t change, Makoto is still technically with Kotohana and all, it was still really interesting to see and I think very very big. It sees to me like Sekai was kind of using the training not just in order to help Makoto but in a way to advance her own feelings and kind of live out any feelings or fantasies she has about being with Makoto, while still having him be with someone else. It’s really getting interesting and I hope for some kind of escalation soon. We haven’t yet had any real big drama explosion or anything, but I hope it’s soon and they just drag out a long and complex thing rather then just explode at the last second and finish it all in two episodes. Sekai’s feelings for Makoto are really what’s making this show the most interesting I think. If it weren’t for that it would just be two people in a seemingly normal relationship who are just having troubles because they haven’t done anything like that. None of the problems in Makoto and Kotohana’s relationship have been that severe, just things they’ve solved soon, which is why I hope for a bigger problem soon

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