Hitohira – 12 [Final]

It’s graduation day and Mugi struggles to find a way to properly say goodbye to the seniors who have helped her so much though the year.


I thought this episode was great. It was a wonderful end to this great series. I was even a bit surprised about how well they did things. Although the story didn’t have anything that was really as or tragic, it was incredibly touching and almost made me tear up a bit, and for a show that didn’t have anything really sad or anything die, that really surprised me. It was a very touching and sweet ending and tied things together perfectly.

I really don’t have too much to say about the episode by itself. I always have a Final Words section for the last episode where I talk about the series in general. Really, this individual episode wasn’t too big in events; it just tied together the whole series so see just a little bit below for the bulk I guess.

Final Words:

Hitohira really amazed me. It seemed like it would be such a simple and rather normal anime, with nothing special to it. Really looking back on it, it’s not going to be remembered as being a great show really. It wasn’t that popular or anything like that. Still, t amazed me. It seemed like it was nothing. It was a show about a girl who was extremely shy and was thrown into acting. That seems like it’s the premise of the show, and it kind of is. After all, that does happen. With just that synopsis it can make for a kind of interesting story, but nothing ground breaking or memorable. However, the one thing that really just amazed me about Hitohira was that it was so much more then some shy girl getting up the courage to act. Hell, this is show by the fact that the acting and the final play that they were building up to ended 2/3 of the way though the show. That alone was surprising and at first I thought that it would just make the rest of the show to be uninteresting, but really looking at it, that was far from the truth.

The real show was more about Mugi as a character then it was about her overcoming stage acting. Sure that was a big part of the show, and it was the stepping stone that led to everything else, but really thinking back on it it wasn’t what the show is truly about. The best parts of the show were almost after the play really. The show became about Mugi taking her experiences and becoming a better person. Learning to let go of Kayo, learning that she can’t rely on others and realizing how much she is making those around her care about her. Learning about friendship and all of the other things that the others have done. Learning about hope from the story of Nono and Mirei. In the end, the thing that it came down to wasn’t the acting, butyl how Mugi took her experiences and learned about life in general, and that is what made the show memorable. A topic such as acting can’t be truly interesting in the same sneeze that Mugi becoming a better person and understanding life and people’s feelings can be.

I do have to make a separate note that the individual story involving Nono and Mirei was really fascinating. It can almost be considered a story separate form the rest. Although it impacted a lot of things, it really, in the end, had its own conclusion. It was a very interesting topic and story. The friendship they had even though they become enemies. The way that they were split apart from each other because one of them cared about the other one. It’s almost the opposite of what you would expect. However, it still managed to work and became truly interesting. It even brought up serious question about whether or not someone should try and prevent someone they care about from doing something that will hurt them. It brought up a very deep question, which I’m not going to get into here, but it really made their story interesting, and one of the high points of the show.

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