Idolmaster Xenoglossia – 15

During a test to check on the status of Imber, something goes wrong and causes him to go off on his own on some rampage.


The end was very interesting. Overall, the episode didn’t really have much in terms of long term effect. They had a problem and they dealt with it and I don’t know how much continuality they are going to get from the problem. However the bit at the end where Haruka finds the file of the video of Chihaya, that was just great. Well, not great as in good for the story or anything, but it really made things interesting. However, it’s not really the fact that Imber has that video and any other things of Chihaya which is interesting. It’s not surprising either, as I would expect him to have those, since after all she was his master once. However, Haruka’s reaction to seeing them was really unexpected and what was really the truly interesting thing. She seemed devastated and seemed like she was really jealous or something. That seems like it will definitely be something that will come up later on, as it’s too important of a topic and even to just ignore. I just wasn’t really expecting Haruka to be jealous like that and now that they’ve shown it a bit I hope they really take that focus far. I also kind of hope they redeem Chihaya’s character. I think the show will be much more interesting if they make her a bit more justified. Right now she just seems like a bad guy, but if they give her some more focus perhaps they can actually get some feelings of sympathy for her and her not being with Imber, which I think will make things just top notch.

Next episode seems like it will be some super fanservice episode. I was pretty surprised at the bit of this episode where everyone dressed up in cosplay in order to stop a rampaging mecha. That statement alone is pretty humorous and interesting. Plus, it wasn’t like it was horrible seeing them dressed like that. However it seems like next episode, just form the preview, Haruka is going to be dressing up in all kinds of cosplay, being a real idol in terms of normal idols. That will just be fun to see, as it will be the one character in different cosplay, and Haruka is rather attractive and all. I don’t’ really even care if or what the main point of her doing that is, it’ll just be fun to see her do it.

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