Nagasarete Airantou – 16

The Leader of the East comes over to the west to exact revenge on the one who defeated him in battle, which turns out to be Tohno, Mei Mei’s Kappa friend.


I liked this episode quite a bit. It looks like the little bit at the end of last episode was really more of a preview then the other segments have been, as they did continue with the panda guy coming over to the west. It was a rather interesting twist that the Kappa was the one who defeated not only the Leader of the East, but also the Leader of the North. They mentioned he got defeated a while back, way before Mei Mei even appeared so I guess that means that they were on the island camping for a while before their appearance. I wasn’t really expecting the Kappa to be the guy who defeated the panda though, and I certainly didn’t suspect Mei Mei AT ALL to be the one who defeated the tiger. Although they showed the kappa ominously looking off into the distance at the end of last episode I thought that he just sensed something was going on or something, I didn’t even think that he was the one who was doing it until this episode so it was really a pretty interesting twist and did make for things to be rather humorous.

It really seems as if the whole topic of the leaders of the different directions will become a bit more important. They hadn’t really done too much with it until recently. It is proving to be quite interesting, so I hope they do in fact expand on it, as right now it’s really the only thing that is of any overall interest. They are the things that are above ordinary life and I think they’ve gotten all the content they can out of that. They still have to deal with the leader of the west, which seems to be some small chicken thing that is extremely powerful. Then, if I remember correctly Suzu said there is also some grand master leader of the whole island.

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