Nagasarete Airantou – 15

Ikuto and Suzu try and help Mei Mei get aquatinted with the island and the people on it.


I really liked this episode. I thought they did a good job with it, as to watch it was really quite enjoyable. It was a lot better then some of the episodes they’ve had before. It really seems to be Mei Mei that is making the episodes she appears in better then some of the others. Her character hasn’t really turned out to be bad really. In fact, I’m pleasantly surprised with how much focus they are still keeping on her. Although that could again quickly change, I think its nice that past the introduction episode they are still focusing on her character instead of just tossing her to the side and giving her 30 seconds of screen time saying hello to them in passing. I just hope that they don’t do that now that this episode is over though, as really she’s one of my favorite characters and her shyness is very cute and funny to watch. Of course, I still love Chikage the most, Mei Mei is getting up there, but won’t top her.

The very end of this episode rather intrigued me. Usually the little bit after the credits is nothing more then a quick joke that uses stuff from the episode. However this time it really seemed like a kind of ominous preview of next episode or of something to happen just later on in the series. I don’t think they have shown the King of the East yet, as that was who was mentioned. However it really did seem more like a preview, long or short term. They’ve used the King of the Island parts before so I think this is just getting the East out of the way, but they are certainly putting a bit more emphasis behind it. Maybe it will actually turn into something that has some character development in the end. Either way, I’m interested in seeing what happens regarding this. I just rally hope however that they don’t just have a quick half episode that deals with this after they made this kind of preview.

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