Hayate no Gotoku – 17

Nagi decides to help out Maria in order to learn more life experiences which she believes will help her with her manga drawing.


I loved this episode. It was pretty well done; it had a lot of comedy and then even had some slight drama and then a nice and touching moment at the end. While alone the drama and touching moment isn’t really anything that great, in fact alone it’s a bit below average since the focus is mainly on comedy, they did a great job of combining them and it just made the whole episode really fun to watch. Nagi of course was great as a maid and I found it hilarious. Not just that she was a maid. Although they could have drawn comedy from just the fact she was being a maid, it was much more then that. The way she just attacked and destroyed things, and in the end still thought she was cleaning was great.

I do have to make a quick note about Isumi in this episode. As I’ve said before, Isumi is one of my favorite characters and I just find her whole absent minded self and that she gets lost over the smallest thing hilarious. She was great in this episode, talking about how she got lost all the way to Nagi’s house jus t because she dropped her eraser at her own house. It may be that they’ve done a great job at her character or that it is fairly unique to have someone that absent minded, but her character is just great.

The swimsuit episode next certainly seems like it will be interesting. Of course a swimsuit episode is almost mandatory in a lot of series, they are always fun to watch and fanservice isn’t necessarily bad… Anyways, I’m really looking forward to it not just because of seeing the girls in the swimsuits, but this show really makes fun of so many things and I think that a swimsuit episode at the beach would have a lot of opportunities for the show to make fun of the exact situation they are in. So I think it will be a really good episode. For just the fact the show has a lot of content to work with, plus seeing everyone in their swimsuits of course is always a bonus.

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