Nanoha StrikerS – 14

Nanoha decides what to do with Vivio when they need someone to take care of her while Hayate heads off to meet with Chrono.


This episode really did to seem to have a lot of military focus as well, like they’ve just been having recently in general, however it really seems like its started to make a lot more sense. It was getting a bit confusing with all the things they were dropping on the show, the inspection from the Lt. General Geis, support from different branches and ranks and then a church that isn’t in the military but is kind of like a military or something. Anyways, things were getting confusing with the prophecy but its making a bit more sneeze now I think. Even though honesty this episode didn’t really have anything new or outstanding in it. It was really just an episode to have more of what they are going to do with Vivio. Tea’s whole bit at HQ wasn’t that important, and neither was Hayate’s really. It’s almost as if nothing really happened but it did still seem to clear things up and just really get things settled for what’s to come.

Something they touched on a bit that will obviously be touched on more later in the series is Subaru’s mom. I’m not really sure how important it will be in the overall story or her character development, but they’ve kind of thrown it out there now so it has to be touched on. They haven’t really had too much focus on where the people come form. I mean, they had the whole spat with Tea being good enough or not, and we know Erio and Caro were taken care of by Fate but beyond that there hasn’t been any drama or interesting story about it. Subaru’s mother will likely be the first. Of course, it’s Ginga too but she hasn’t been included very much so it’s not as important that it’s affecting her. Perhaps if she appears more in the story before they deal with that it may help. It could end up being some thing where their mother was killed by one of the bad guys that they have to fight anyways, so its not like they have to go out of the way to give them advancement, it just conveniently happens.

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