Lucky Star – 15

Its time for everyone to head back to school and the girls all find out what class they will be in and try to adjust to coming back.


I absolutely loved the whole ero game bit they did where Konata was talking about entering school and how it’s like in the game, showing all the scenes like they would show in the OP to visual novel games. Although, they were all shots of her. Not that that’s not interesting to see, as she’s a great character, but I think it would have been fun to see the other characters depicted in a ero game way such as Konata. I’m also finding the inclusion of more and more side characters fun too. I do hope they are included more then they are already, but I don’t’ want them to take over either. It needs to be balanced but right now I think it would benefit form showing them even more even if just for one or two jokes an episode involving Yu’s friend or just the others that are at least shown in the OP. I also really liked when the teacher saw Konata online and it was late, saying she can’t wait till tomorrow because she’ll get to reprimand her when she inevitably falls asleep in her class. The way she said it was just so un-teacher like that it was pretty funny.

Lucky Channel was ok in this episode. It really didn’t have anything too groundbreaking or anything like some others have had that really make them stand out. However I do find it interesting that they talked about the next Lucky Channel segment. I’m rather looking forward to it now as I think a live concert segment about Akira would be pretty funny no matter what way they made it go. The only thing I’m really hoping for is that they actually do do something about it or at least mention how they weren’t able to do it. If they show some continuously it will be fine and hopefully very funny.

I do think that the ED has gotten a bit less enjoyable since they switched to the new one. The one featuring the girls all singing Karaoke was rather enjoyable and I don’t think there has really ever been a series that I watched the ED ever time, maybe OP for some, but not ED. Not to say the new one sucks, I just liked the other one better. It does seem a bit impressive how different and random it is. The old OP did of course have no movement or anything and was them singing Karaoke but the new one is a lot weirder and unpredictable.

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