Hitohira – 11

Mugi tries to deal with the news of Kayo leaving, becoming depressed and then blames herself for not realizing the stress that this has been putting on Kayo.


Wow, I am really surprised at how they ended this with a cliffhanger. I wasn’t expecting them to have this kind of climax at all really. The main story after all ended almost with the results of the contest between the two drama clubs. Overall they’ve done a great job of keeping things interesting. However, even so, I thought that with the result of the whole Kayo thing that things would just become rather epilogue after that. However when they ended on a cliffhanger like this, saying Mugi is feeling a feeling, that’s just surprising. I mean, it’s not like it would have been if they explained the feeling either. Then it would be a cliffhanger too but this one really puts some feeling behind it, with one episode to go as well. The show certainly hasn’t died out or anything near the end, even though I was really expecting it to. The only things I could think of that that feeling meant range from very minor to severe. She could be losing her voice like Nono or it could just be that she’s realized she’s sad about Nono and the others leaving. I’m just very impressed and surprised with how many possibilities there are still left for the last episode. It not only hast o conclude the series but has to kind of introduce this new problem then conclude it.

As I said a little bit above, what is really impressing me with this series right now is that even after what seemed to be the final climax, it’s still going really strong. I mean, most of the series was leading up to the point in episode nine, the play that they put on and the contest and so forth. However, even with al of that gone it hasn’t really just become a slow slope down, and it hasn’t become just random isolated content either. Although the events like Kayo leaving aren’t directly related to Mugi and the play, they are still using the connection very well. Things like Mugi following her own path and becoming more confident, the relationships and friendships she had from the play going on and making her stronger so that she can live without them there. Everything seems to be going rather well for a show that seemingly ended already.

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