School Days – 03

Makoto learns of Katsura’s sister and that she wants to meet him and plans to visit Katsura’s house for the first time and meet her.


This episode was pretty good. It seemed to continue the content of having slight drama about the relationship. Nothing too huge or outrageous, but some rather normal problems and even though they may have not been really exciting or anything like that, just form them being rather normal they were lam sot more interesting. I do wonder how much longer they are going to continue with this. The end was a bit surprising but it depends on how you interpret him saying the relationship is tiring. Some drama could ensue about if he is really in love with her or that comment could have just referred to his hectic day with her sister and such. They have plenty of content to make some really dramatic episodes out of when they get into bringing Sekai into the picture more. Right now it’s just establishing Makoto and Koto’s relationship. Either they can keep having some rather calm moments like this where things resolve themselves in the end or things can start to unravel for some drama. Really, it could go either way right now.

Setsuna is interesting me a bit more now that she’s had a bit more of a part. Although, she has always been a rather interesting character. Well, kind of. She can’t really be too interesting when she’s hardly been introduced. Anyways, I started thinking of some possibilities on what part she could play. At first when I first saw her in the first two episodes I thought that perhaps she just has some feelings for Makoto. However, I kind of realized that that wouldn’t make things too interesting. There is already a kind of love triangle between Makoto, Sekai and Kotohana (Really? Katsura isn’t her given name? its more simple…thought it was) Having just another person added on to the list of people how have feelings for Makoto wouldn’t make things that much more interesting. However, I really started to think, almost as a joke at first but then as Setsuna visited Sekai I thought about it more seriously. She could have feelings for Sekai. I mean, she’s always looking over at where Sekai and Makoto sit, I thought it could be because of Makoto but it would explain Sekai just as easily. It would make things much more interesting. Although I’m not really sure anything would happen in the end as Sekai most obviously has feelings for Makoto, I don’t really see her going yuri for Setsuna, but still Setsuna confessing her feelings and such could make for some very interesting content that would really be focused on Makoto. Then again, it could be much less then that, still I think it would be neat to see her have feelings for Sekai, more then just wanting to see some yuri action.

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