Going On Vacation, No Posts For A Week & A Half

Well, pretty much just as the title of the post says I’m going to be going on vacation. I’ll be gone from the 20th till 30th pretty much. While I’ll be bringing my laptop I’m not sure at all what kind of internet access I’ll have, and even if I get it I’m not going to be spending a majority of my time blogging on vacation, so that means no posts for 10 days.  As I’m writing this my backlog is taken care of, so the backlog I accumulate over the vacation won’t be too huge.

Not too sure of what else to say, I shall be back.

6 thoughts on “Going On Vacation, No Posts For A Week & A Half”

  1. Where you going? Be sure to take loads of pics and post em all here! (anime related ones of course :P)

  2. Heyy, I always enjoy to read all your blogs so come back soon and keep up the great work.
    Have fun on your vacation. ^.^

  3. Well, I’m back now. I didn’t really take any pictures, especially not any anime related. It was kind of a Family Vacation so not anything anime related there.

    heys: I can look into it but right now I have a huge load so I’m rather busy, but I’ll read about the show and if I like it I’ll consider it.

    Spike: I’m not too sure, only seen the first couple episodes for the series so can’t judge them entirely. I will do a Summer First Impressions post soon, but I have a HUGE backlog from not downloading or blogging in over a week. If I had to say now it would be….crap, I really don’t know, theres so many.

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