Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ – 02

Louise and Saito go in search of Henrietta in order to rescue her when she suddenly disappeared one night.


Wow, this episode was incredible. I didn’t even really begin to think that they would have this kind of serious drama and action so early into the season. Sure it’s a second season of a show, but still it’s a little independent, and having something as serious as this was just surprising. Not to say I was expecting everything to be all nice and fluffy, but this was still quite a shock. It was very well done too. Although they had it so early in the series it did work out really well. I didn’t really think of much content being drawn from Henrietta and Wales, seeing as how he died last season. However not only did they touch on the subject, which I was unsure of, they made it so important and dramatic it was just really well done all around. If we can get more of these kinds of episodes with really high stress and emotional basis I think the series will go fantastically. I’m thoroughly enjoying the second season so far.

Next episode seems to be the introduction of a new pretty boy sword mage student. I’m not too sure about how I’m going to like him. I generally tend to dislike characters such as him. Although, I don’t really know his character that well and what kind of role he will play past his introduction episode. Still, his type of character I generally dislike as they just get in the way of a lot of things that have already been established. Not really that he has much of a chance at winning Louise or anything like that. It may come down to some jealousy and such, but that’s not really why I think I’m going to dislike him. It’s just that he seems like he’ll come in all godly powerful and disrupts the way the flow of power has been going and working well. Hopefully Saito kicks his ass then I may tolerate his character more. If it turns out that he beats Saito then I’ll dislike his position, but if Saito again shows that you don’t have to be al wealthy and a noble to be powerful, then he’ll be ok because it will kind of be like the episode in the first season where Saito first fights. I just hope its something along those lines; otherwise his character looks like it will really interfere with things. I am looking forward to Louise’s sister and mom as new characters, but just not this guy.

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