Hayate no Gotoku – 16

Hayate faces off against Nonohara, the combat butler in a kendo match in order to inspire Nagi to join the club.


This episode was pretty good. I was a bit surprised though at how it focused on just one thing and kind of ended there. I was expecting it to go off o something else for a bit like the shows usually has. Still, it was very fun to watch. The main content bit wasn’t really as long as the others, given there was a collection of short animations at the end. Still, I think they did a great job with getting to the content. Although it wasn’t really that exciting, it was still fun to watch. I loved how Hayate need up winning the match. I’m just curious as to how much more they are going to feature Hayate learning some kind of ultimate move and facing off against that butler again. Although it’s over for now, it’s still very possibly available for later. But they still have the overall Nagi crying and Hayate and Nagi’s relationship to hopefully get to. There’s plenty of time but this just adds on to more possibility of future focuses. It seems like the next episode will be more Nagi focused and again on the mansion. Which is fine, but I just hope that they do in fact go back to the school eventually, because so far it has been very fun. I think there are still quite a few characters yet to be introduced just based on the OP. Still, if they can fit side characters in the story without school it will be fine too; I just hope they use what they have.

I loved the long segment at the end with a bunch of really short random things. At first I kind of dismissed it as just being filler. It seemed like the content was over early and it wouldn’t really be that entertaining if they tried to expand on the main story. Although filler is really exactly what it is (Ok, maybe not manga filler but you people realize that word doesn’t just apply to manga) Still, I found it hilarious. I really do actually hope that they do a segment like this again. It’s not something I would want at the end of every episode, because it does take away from the main content, but it was still very funny to watch and the wide range of things they had and how random they were were just great. I loved Isumi’s bit. At first I thought it was way to boring with nothing happening, but when she mentioned Rio de Janerio I just started laughing. I didn’t really expect for them to keep that comedy bit going. It was pretty funny back when they did it but keeping it up here was just great. Some of the others were fairly funny, but there wasn’t anything really standout. It was a pretty good way to fill the gap left.

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