Hitohira – 10

Mugi finds out that Kayo plans to leave to study abroad and breaks down about being able go on without her best friend and only person who was there for her before high school.


I was very pleasantly surprised by this episode. I wasn’t quite sure how it would go considering the climax of the show seems to have already taken place. Hell with the play gone and no time in the series for another play to happen, it seemed like the rest of the show would be filler, which is odd for a show to have at the end of the series. Still, it did manage to keep with being very interesting. They certainly had way more drama then I thought they would in this episode. I thought they might have something like this later, as the last episode, but right out of the climax they have drama again. It is roughly focused on Kayo but again is really all about the overall focus of Mugi being strong enough to do things, changing for the better, and so on. They’ve had the focus before and never really concluded it. Mugi isn’t able to do anything, is shy and won’t work for stuff. Now that Nono isn’t there to push her into it it’s resurfacing again and it is really interesting to see. It doesn’t just seem to be repeated old stuff, as it does bring a bit of a new feel to it. Overall it’s just interesting to see them deal with people leaving as a topic. Most shows don’t get into that as the show will end before it happens. This is actually dealing with the drama of the older students leaving and graduating, and then Mugi’s classmate leaving as well, so it’s a bit of an interesting thing to watch.

I’m not too sure about how much drama they put on Kayo though. It’s obvious that Mugi is friends with her and as they explained she’s been there to support her for a long time and is the only friend she really knew before the club. However, I think the show would have been a lot better if they would have actually included Kayo more in the show. It just seemed a bit sudden to put all the drama about her leaving like that. After all, although she was there kind of supporting and cheering Mugi on I don’t think they showed it as much as they should of. For this event and drama to have more of an impact they should have included Kayo more. Not really give her more important of a role, but just show her really being there.

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