Nanatsuiro Drops – 02

Sumomo is worried when her friend sees her capturing a star drop and the magic book says that she must erase her memories.


I think it’s a bit of a shame that Tsuwabuki can’t tell anyone about him being the stuffed animal. Not that I would want him to just go around telling people, as he probably wouldn’t. Just the fact that it’s odd and weird should be enough of a deterrent from getting the truth out. However, I was hoping that Sumomo would eventually find out. Now, she probably, hopefully will, but putting the restriction on it like they had just seems to put too much of a hindrance on any possible relationship between them. I think it would be a perfect situation and can almost just see it now where perhaps Tsu (his full name is too long) perhaps Tsu drops something like the book or Sumomo sees him change. It could be pretty interesting if she knows about him but he doesn’t know she knows. I just think it would really boost any chance for a relationship because it would show that Tsu has a caring side that Sumomo has come to learn from Yuki and that she can be cheerful around guys because she’s been doing it but not knowing. Whatever exactly happens, as I want for every show, I want some romance and I just hope they can work around the deity needing to be kept secret thing on Tsu’s side.

Anyways, as for this episode itself, it was pretty good. It didn’t really seem to be anything special, but again it’s really just getting started. It did have some pretty interesting things that it added to the story and the rules of the magic to this series. The moon thing is pretty interesting. I’m not sure if they will show again a time where he is human the entire time, as it wouldn’t be to interesting, but him staying as a stuffed animal the entire day may show up and be interesting to watch as well. Plus, now that Sumomo’s friend is in on it there are more possibilities. Although, I don’t know if she just knows about it or has any powers or not. Either way I think the things will step up next episode when it seems like the blond haired girl will be introduced. Form what I gather she is a transfer student and it looks like she has a similar spoon staff, so it’s likely she’s like Fate to Sumomo’s Nanoha in the first season :D

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