School Days – 01

Makoto starts realizing he likes a girl at his school, Katsura, and when his classmate finds out she helps him win her over for unknown reasons.


This episode was great. I can already tell I am really going to love this show and get into it a lot. One of my favorite genres, as unpopular as it seems to be is the (usually) eroge game adaptation school romance/comedy shows. I’m not saying I like very show in the genre, but I still watch them. However this really seems to be going on the right path to be one of the times where it goes beyond the genre and really does make for a great series. One of the things that marks it as being great so far is after the first episode I’m not positive who the guy is going to end up with. If you can tell that then most of the time the show won’t be as enjoyable as it could have been if it had more mystery. Sure Makoto (still seems weird to be a guys name, only known girl Makoto’s in anime) started going out with Katsura from the first episode, but Sekai’s interest in him really makes things very interesting, considering she’s pretty much helped him secure a relationship with someone other then her. It’s already made her very very interesting, more interesting then Katsura. She’s just a character that is cute and whom the guy likes, Sekai is the one that is more complex and therefore interesting.

All of this is just from the first episode too. There were so many flags that got set of fin my mind when watching this first episode that pointed to this being very interesting. Asides form what I mentioned, it’s moving fast. God, this is one of the things that bugs me so much about almost any show is that the characters seem to get together at the very last episode. We can’t see what they are like together then and therefore loose half of the fun of them actually ending up together. With the guy confessing and the girl saying yes in the first damn episode that paves the entire series for drama about what the characters actual feelings are or not.

The one thing that makes me absolutely love this show right now. The biggest thing that just makes me more anxious then anything to watch this show is I don’t know what girl I want to win. That I cannot believe. They’ve made them all have good points and bad points, and equal chances. Hell, they haven’t even gotten into Setsuna’s character and I’m guessing she plays a part. She looks a little creepy but she’s got to play a part. Still, just between Sekai and Katsura, it’s very interesting. Katsura is the one that Makoto liked, and she liked him. They seem like they are a good match and its what they both want. Katsura is a very sweet girl it seems. While Sekai, although it doesn’t seem like Makoto has much of an interest, Makoto obviously loves him very very much form the fact she’s willing to sacrifice her own happiness of his. It’s all very compelling and I really just can’t wait for more.

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  1. Just watched episode 1 … DAMN is all I can say… What a first episode… been putting it off, thinking it would be a normal school romance… boy was I wrong…. What we get in the first episode is usually the end for most series of this kind… where do we go from here….I love it!

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