Hitohira – 09

The results of the contest between the two drama clubs is announced.


Gaah, damn. It kind of sucks to see that the Drama Research Society Club got disbanded. Although, I pretty much was suspecting this outcome entirely, it still kind of sucks to see it happen. There didn’t really seem to be too many choices as far as outcome. I mean, if their small club won then it would leave for a lot of unknown characters and two known ones t be out and dry However this way the people affected are the most known characters, plus that makes their problem of figuring out what to do more important. Although perhaps the fate of the three older ones isn’t’ as important, as they are graduating, but I’m interested to see what’s going to happen with Mugi in regards to what she does, and I suppose Kai as well. I suppose they could join the Drama club, but Mirei is going to be graduating too so really, its not going to be too terribly interesting.

I’m not too sure what going to happen now. There aren’t too terribly many episodes left. Now, they did resolve the rivalry between the clubs a lot with the outcome of this episode, however some of the more important and interesting things are still in the air. The situation between Nono and Mirei hasn’t bee even slightly resolved really, and I think one of the important remaining parts of this series will be seeing what the future holds for them. There then of course is how Mugi deals with the club being disbanded. It seems like next episode things are rather cheerful, at least at a time so it will be interesting to see if Mugi is that broken up about it and what her future is, since she has more of school left. Really, they didn’t even hint at the end of this episode where they are going to take the series now. It pretty much just ended solidly with everything being disbanded and them fading away. I’m not even sure if their friendships and relationships will hold up or what anyone’s path is, let alone where any drama and interesting plot will come from. So although it almost seems like the main trial is over for the main character, it’s likely the rest of the episodes will bring forward more interesting plot. At least it better, if it doesn’t want to screw over the series.

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  1. This episode seems like a good penultimate episode, then you realise there’s still 3 left… I’m really not sure where they’re going to take this show now. There’s too little time left to build up something new, so I guess it’s just going to have to be resolution of existing elements.

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