Nanoha StrikerS – 12

Section Six fights against the enemy mages as a battle rages on amongst all of them.


This episode was great. It really seemed to escalade things. Not only was it a fight amongst actual humanoid enemies it seemed to go back and forth. I couldn’t believe how kick ass the enemies seemed to be. They escaped almost perfectly, and although they seemed to get into a pinch, getting captured or cornered and about to be blown up, they just got out of it. Their team work is what made things interesting and made them a very interesting enemy to see how everyone is going to deal with them. It doesn’t seem like a big deal for them to beat one of them, but if it’s everyone versus everyone again the bad guys seem to have an edge.

I thought it was very cool that the forwards pulled a trick like that. I was kind of thinking that they just got pwned by the bad guys like that but the way they tricked them was great. I was also impressed at how well Nanoha and Fate did. It was a bit mixed though. On one end the bad guys kicked ass, but then Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate all kicked ass as well. Already the fight was rather even while being one sided at the same time. It was very odd but interesting to watch.

One thing I’m a bit concerned about is the Lt. General they showed. Although part of the military and technically a good guy, his role worries me. As it happens in several shows he’s the higher authority figure who seems to be too full of himself and hinders the main characters even though they are rally doing what is needed. It seemed like the show had enough to it already, especially with them introducing all of these new characters. However it seems like the good guys own side will kind of hurt them by whatever investigation or rules are enforced upon them when really it doesn’t matter. Obviously the Lt. General is technically doing good guy stuff but being bossy as he is and just his role in the series is pretty much leading to him being a pain in the ass and a jerk, which the show could probably do without.

2 thoughts on “Nanoha StrikerS – 12”

  1. The enemies are versatile, no doubt about that, but after thinking about it a bit I realized that they came out much the worse in this confrontation. Considering the fact that rescuing Lutecia is something that came up after the numbers went out, they actually accomplished NONE of their original objectives. All they did was manage to escape from the bad situation that they got themselves into. That’s not anything to sneer at, sure, but it’s also not a success. In fact, the bad guys would have been better off if they hadn’t tried anything at all. As it is, the heroes STILL got the Relics and the girl, and now they’re aware of the bad guys’ existence, some of their capabilities, how much effort it takes to counter and beat them, AND are soundly pissed-off at the numbers as well.

    All things considered, Lutecia and the numbers would have been better off not making any moves at all. They’ve lost ground here.

  2. Wanderer: Though that may be true. Lutecia and the Numbers have shown off their power as something serious to the Forwards and such.

    Though otherwise: Yeah the Numbers and Lutecia didn’t accomplish anything (though the same trick with switching the Relic won’t work again).

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