Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ – 01

Louise gets increasingly frustrated at Saito looking perversely at other girls and when she attacks him for it in the middle of a parade for Henrietta, Saito is arrested as an assassin believed to have tried to attack Henrietta.


Wow, that was great. I’m a huge fan of the first season. I don’t really know why people say that it sucked, some crap about it not having plot, but I really have to say I don’t really care what narrow minded stuck up people say, I loved it and that’s all I give a damn about. It’s funny and just enjoyable to watch and this episode showed that this season will continue along with that. I just burst out laughing so damn hard when the fire arms officer burst in on Louise on top of Saito with a whip, cloths torn and all sweaty. I even spit out what I was drinking. I wasn’t expecting that at all and it was perfect. Not that it’s a big deal though, but Saito should actually cash in that favor Henrietta asked him for and ask to become a noble or something. It’s something that’s likely within her power and it would make his access to things much more fulfilled. It would make it so that a real relationship between Louise and Saito more possible.

The one thing I really do want in this season is more romance. Now, I know I know I say that for pretty much every single anime ever. I do really like romance in anime but I love the characters in this so much I really hope for more of a connection and relationship between Saito and Louise. Hell, Saito and Louise even won best couple award last year for the first season. They are a great pair and I think romance will make a connection between them all the better and would even help the story. I mean, if they care about each other more then something that may happen to one of them will be more important and the other will try harder to rescue them or so forth. Now, I know that it won’t be a perfect lovey dovey relationship, but I don’t really want that either. This show is best when there is comedy to it and a lot of that comes from Louise being so tsundere. If they focus on the relationship too much then it will take that away. However I really really hope that at the end of this season at least the conclusion is something more important. They will probably end up together and all because it’s obvious that both of them care for each other, but for the final episode I would love to see something more concrete. Hell, maybe even a marriage.

4 thoughts on “Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ – 01”

  1. Indeed, a great episode! I also loved the first season, despite what people ahve said about it. I think I remember seeing one of the cover for the novels with Louise in a wedding dress…

  2. Where did you find that said is sucks its looks interesting to challenge. I admit I challenge two spoil brats with there foul language in a anime series (Gundam Seed Destiny). Cuz there favorite character Kira and im Shinn.

  3. I don’t remember any specific site or anything. I think it was in the IRC channel that someone mentioned how ZnT was mindless and had no plot, and they said it sucked. I rally don’t pay too much attention because there are a lot of idiots out there. I loved it and love this so I won’t let it affect me :D But I have no idea who it was, and they were talking about the first season saying how it was bad so they wouldn’t watch this one or something.

  4. I have to agree this was utterly hilarious way to start things off. Had forgotten how fun a show this was. Impressive seeing where they stood. Things like Saito in the dream feeling that getting home didn’t matter without Louise, the hug, and how they are sleeping in the same bed. :)

    Have to admit when the captain came in and they were in such a position I couldn’t stop laughing for several minutes it was just too good. Plus how she apologized and stepped out of the room was great,even if it was an emergency.

    Would also like to see some more romance going on between those two. Think something has to be done in terms of Saito’s position in that world. Just being her familiar is causing issues in his mind for a relationship. Seeing her off and marrying some noble while he’s just the faithful (mostly :) ) dog. Obviously they care about each other so we’ll see how things go in this second season.

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