Sky Girls – 01

A young girl, Otoha, gets invited by some military personnel to become a test pilot in a world that has been nearly destroyed by attacks from a strange create called WORMS in the past and she must convince her grandfather to let her go.


I found this episode to be very interesting and fun to watch. So far the show in general looks like it will be pretty fun and interesting to watch. Hell, the show really boils down to lolis in scantily clad outfits piloting huge weapons of destruction. That right there is a recipe for some pretty interesting watching. Albeit, this episode was a bit boring and rather dull. However it really was fine the way it was, after all it’s an introduction episode so it’s not like there can be anything really mind-blowing that happened. I’m not quite sure what he overall plot will be, but it seems like it will be those worms come back or something. However I think it will be much more interesting if something else happened. After all just reusing the worms thing won’t make the plot really interesting unless they go into what the hell the worms are and if there’s something behind them. If its something new then that same problem with the worms will be there, not knowing what the hell they are just that they nearly killed half the people. So it’ll be interesting to see what a final antagonist or problem will be for this show.

I’m interested in what the deal with he black haired girl is they showed practicing against the mecha thing. At first from jut the OP someone as unique of a character design as her obviously has a more important role in the story then a random person or pilot. However she was piloting the jet, not the mecha, which it seems like the rest of the lolis will be piloting. I’m just wondering if and how soon she’ll join the loli mecha taskforce or if she’ll stay in some other branch of piloting. I wasn’t quite expecting there to be any trouble or content at all from normal pilots or anything like that not liking the mechas.

4 thoughts on “Sky Girls – 01”

  1. Having seen this, I didn’t think that it was that boring, infact I am glad they didn’t try to rush things and skip straight to the battles. I was surprised how little fanservice this had compared to the OVA xD

  2. I’m not saying its boring in a bad way at all, just that it was slow paced which is good for an introductory episode.

  3. The show was just like a combination of mecha musume, and the girl’s mech (who chased after Eika’s plane) was like Devil Strarf from Busou Shinki, all mentioned titles are from Konami too.

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