Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ – 20

Riku becomes depressed when he realizes that he doesn’t know what his feelings are regarding Mina, Tsukasa, and Sayuri.


Wth was that!? I was really liking this episode up until the final little bit. I mean, for the most part the episode showed that Riku really was aware that there were conflicting feelings. It seemed like eh was for the first time really aware that there were three girls and that there was some love square thing going on. However at the end he got all this confidence and said how he had made a decision, but his decision was basically that he was undecided. He sent the message to both Tsukasa and Mina saying that he will one day tell them how he feels, first off kind of leading them both astray by implying that he will confess to them later when he obviously can’t do that to both. Then they left what his feelings for Sayuri were untouched because he couldn’t and didn’t send one to her. So the whole thing ended a bit unexpected and I think it could have gone off better. I guess it kind of clams things down though before the big drama that ends the series. The calm before the storm I guess.

It looks like next episode we may get some more Inukai. I always thought of him as a really cool character; as he may play the tough guy role but at the same time, as the role usually does, it also give shim an actually nice and caring side. They had an episode about mainly him and a girl, I believe Mina’s friend Mo-chan. Just as I was watching this show and I saw how Inukai helped Riku out I was hoping for at least one more episode that focused on him and preferably Mo-chan as well, and then the preview has the two of them narrating it, which hopefully indicates them being in it a little. Although, it’s some contest for best couple, even if they don’t win or participate I still hope they give them some advancement. After all, the series is coming to a close soon so the last couple of episodes will have to be devoted to Riku and the three girls, the window for a good Inukai episode is closing.

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