Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ – 19

Mina worries over why Riku hasn’t sent her any messages, staring to break down realizing how much she needs him and that she won’t be able to be with him forever.


Wow, I couldn’t believe how big of a focus they were putting on Mina. She hasn’t really gotten much attention at all since the series began. Not only that, but it was serious drama focus and not just some episode where they showed her a lot. They really got into her feelings and I was surprised and really impressed. Mina had always been my favorite character just because she’s really cute but I love her personality and just the role her character fills. It’s a shame though since she’ll likely end up without Riku. Really, her character has been developed the least out of all three of the girls. I mean, Sayuri is the obvious choice for who he’ll end up with and they’ve already shown the hints of feelings and the complications of any relationships there. Sayuri has the whole not really knowing love or what these feelings are kind of thing and Tsukasa, well hell, she’s technically going out with him. They just had a huge episode where he spent time with Tsukasa and she has always been able to be a around him. Mina however has always drawn the short stick and I just kept feeling so sorry for Mina throughout this entire episode. I just hope she gets really good closure is all, even if she doesn’t end up with Riku; they better not screw her character over.

It’s not just Mina that they’re putting a lot of drama and focus on now. It seems like the real focus now has been on the drama of the different relationships. Before, the feelings the girls had were all really just for fun. I mean they didn’t break down and cry or anything like that, such as we saw in this episode. I don’t think this will die down at all either for the rest of the series. It’s not too far from the end and they still have all three girls’ feelings really to get though. I think it will just continue to be interesting to see how much drama and real feelings the characters have. A little bit, it’s a shame because I’m sure he’ll end up with Sayuri when the other girls have good stories behind them as well. I just rally hope they give them a good ending and don’t end up with the characters ready to kill themselves as Riku enjoys being with one of them.

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