Nanoha StrikerS – 11

All of section six takes part in protecting the girl they’ve found and the relics she is carrying as the enemy moves in with force to try and take them.


Wow, this episode was great. First off it had great fights in it, and included in that is of course Hayate just totally kicking ass. I kind of understand where they are coming form with the power limiters from keeping the setting rather military’ish and that it means things can go boom without trying, but man Hayate kicks ass even without full power. They were spending a long time to destroy one group and Hayate did it in like ¼ the time, to all the groups. It was really cool to see and I hope at least later in the series they show Hayate fighting a lot because her way of fighting, like Caro without the dragon, can be really cool to see and in how kick ass it is sometimes. However the episode was also great just because they’ve really started to bring forth more and more bad guys. The fight in the sewers was one of the highlights just because it included the humanoid bad guys. I just hope they do something with the girl they recovered and manage to protect her, perhaps get her on their side. One more loli never hurts.

What I really want to see now is to pretty much get rid of all the gadget crap. I do understand how they may have been justified earlier on in the series, as they were training the new fighters and its easier to show them adapting to a machine, and the story hadn’t really gotten too involved. However, now there have been a whole slew of new characters introduced, and they’ve shown them fighting. Just from what we’ve seen alone would more then make up enough targets of the characters to fight so I think the gadgets anymore are really a waste of time and hurt the story a bit. I’m still hoping they explain rather soon what exactly the connection between these fighters and the doctor is. If they are working for him or just kind of working in conjecture with his plans or what not is what I want to know. I know that some mystery is important because well, it is, but I think that if they explain at least what exactly the bad guys are and who’s how far into the plot, it will make things easier to understand and therefore make them work with the story a bit better for the viewers.

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  1. I’ll get to it, I know how to and can check for anime releases myself. Sorry if I sound rude, but this is second time you’ve said a release is out and its been hours since the release. It’d be different if I didn’t post it within a couple days, as it would mean I may have missed it, but you haven’t given me a chance. I have several series I’m blogging so it takes me a while because I blog the episodes in order of release. Plus I have other things to do, please give me more of a chance next time before telling me theres a release

  2. Completely agree that this was a great episode. Getting into the fights with Lutecia Garyuu was something to see. Nice move by Erio to get a shot in after Caro got blasted even if he took a nasty gash to the chest due to that. Seeing some more nice stealth moves with Teana getting in close to Lutecia. No doubt Hayate has some real firepower and yes let’s cut back on the drones and do what makes this overall series good. People vs people, not just those drones.

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