Hitohira – 08

The Drama Research Society puts on their play in front of the school, causing Mugi to have to act in front of everyone.


That…was…freaking….AWESOME. My god this episode was great. When Mugi exploded and shouted like that, it was simply amazing. It wasn’t just that part of the episode either; the whole episode really had me getting into it. I was glued to the screen. The show did such a great job of establishing characters that I really really cared for them and wanted to know what was going to happen. Throughout the episode I just couldn’t believe how anxious I was. I was freaking out and worried and wondering how the play would go. That’s one thing that will really show how good a show is to me is that if it’s good I’ll be so into the show that Ill freak out when something happens or I’ll just be unable to sit still throughout as I worry and wonder what will happen next. I couldn’t believe how much I was dragged into this episode. Everything was great and then at the end when Mugi exploded like that…wow…just, wow. That part was amazing. I hope they show some more of super Mugi in the next episode if they show the continuation of the play. Really the whole Mugi standing up part was wonderful as it wasn’t just a cool moment; it really does show what has been one of the main focuses of the show, which is Mugi bettering herself. If they show super Mugi again it will really make it that this personality change in her, her having more confidence in herself, will have been permanent and for the good. Hopefully they’ll not only show super Mugi in the next episode, but show the new and improved Mugi in normal every day life after the play is over.

I’m curious as to what’s going to happen next. The play seemed like it was one of the big and important parts of the series, but its pretty much over, at least it will conclude in the next episode likely. That still leaves the final couple of episodes free, and it’s the final episodes, it’s not like they would put just fluff/relaxing/pure comedy episodes there. It seems like we’ll get quite a strong focus on likely Nono and Mirei, which is a bit surprising because that takes the final climax and focus point off of Mugi, who is pretty much the main character.

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