Hitohira – 07

When Nono and Mirei get locked in a storage room together and Nono temporarily looses her voice, Mirei thinks back to when they were friends and she invited Nono to the Drama Club.


This episode was great, and had a focus that I wasn’t quite expecting them to have yet. They had recently been dealing with the drama behind trying to inspire and put confidence in Mugi. After all, she’s the main character and has the man role in front of many people. However, I really loved the focus they had on the friendship between Nono and Mirei. It was really interesting to see, as first Mirei came off as kind of a bitch but rather soon they revealed what the past was between them. However, even though going into this episode she didn’t really seem like a bad guy, this episode made her character seem so much more interesting and more justified in what she did. If anything, it made me kind of mad at Nono, because Mirei was doing what she thought was best for her and it does seem as if Nono is acting rather rashly. I really started to feel sorry not just for the characters but just that they were in a situation that made them rivals like that. At first it was more like just wanting the good side, the Nono side, to win over Mirei’s club but now I’m not sure just because it made me feel sorry for that rivalry, not cheer it on.

I’m really interested now in how they balance dealing with making Mugi a more confident person and repairing any relationship between Nono and Mirei. They both seem to be pretty prominent issues. They have to at least deal with Mugi since she is the main character and all, and her gaining confidence and being a better person in general due to acting is partially the point of the whole series, but this episode and some others have shown that it’s a pretty big deal the relationship between the two clubs. I hope that’s resolved well in the end.

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  1. If anything, it made me kind of mad at Nono, because Mirei was doing what she thought was best for her and it does seem as if Nono is acting rather rashly.

    While I can understand Mirei’s fear, it really isn’t her place to be telling Nono what to do; Mirei is not a doctor, and Nono has the final say over her own body. Also, it is not explicitly stated that Nono will definitely lose her voice from doing stage drama. There are a number of outcomes:

    Nono does drama, and loses her voice from it.
    Nono does drama, and doesn’t lose her voice.
    Nono doesn’t do drama, but loses her voice anyway.
    Nono doesn’t do drama, and doesn’t lose her voice.

    With choices 1 and 2, Nono does what she loves, and either gets to continue doing it or doesn’t. With choices 3 and 4, Nono doesn’t do what she loves, and may or may not lose her voice anyway. So unless it is proven that Nono will be cured if and only if she quits acting, Nono’s decision to continue acting is reasonable. When you consider the posibility that Nono could still lose her voice without acting (e.g. just engaging in a shouting match), the decision makes even more sense.

  2. I understand that Nono has a say and that its probably a better choice for her to do what she’s doing. However Mirei isn’t really in the wrong either because she’s jut being concerned for her. Not saying either one is being unreasonable, just hat they showed that Mirei isn’t being mean, she’s just concerned whether. Whether its a right choice in the end for her to perform it doesn’t really matter its still not really wrong of Mirei to be concerned.

    It’s not so much her not saying anything becasue she’s a doctor or not, she’s just being concerned because it was a fact that the doctor said if she keeps using her voice too much she’ll loose it. I don’t think Mirei is in the wrong at all to try and push what she thinks. Its Nono’s decision but I understand fully where Mirei is coming from, just trying to push someone who is stubborn in order to protect her health.

    So really, yes it is Nono’s final decision and her choice to continue acting is probably the best one but its not wrong for Nono to care and fear for her friends safety.

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