Nagasarete Airantou – 13

Everyone prepares for Tonkatsu’s birthday, but the girls get worried when Ikuto shows loneliness after staring a picture of his.


This episode was pretty good. It’s a bit better then some of the previous ones that were a bit boring, this didn’t really have that problem. Although the focus seemed to be Tonkatsu’s birthday it was really interesting to see how the more important focus was really on Ikuto feeling lonely or just remembering his sister. I was really surprised just about the fact he has a sister because it really completely changes some of the situations. If he has a sister it makes his time on the island less of a complete vacation, as there is someone who he would want to return to. Although there was some aspects that made it have a rather serious and dramatic tone, it sill had some great comedy bits. I loved Chikage dressing up in what she believes the current fashion is, dressing up in a mix of different fetish cloths thinking it was normal. I do hope they continue to have some of the serious parts, especially focusing on the romance possibilities there are, but I guess its fine for there to be great comedy bits too. I just hope they don’t try to balance it too much and make both the comedy and drama less effective. If they focus on either one it’ll be great.

The talk they had about returning or not really did leave an impact on me that it could be much more important later. They didn’t really deal with anything now, as it was kind of a false alarm, but it really makes me wonder if they are going to have an episode where Ikuto has to decide whether or not to go back or not. Originally I was really thinking that if ever a time should come, he would just choose to stay on the island because of Suzu and all the friends he’s made. After all it seemed like he had nothing in his old life. However, now that they mentioned a little sister that is very very cute btw, it really does add something that may cause him to be more torn between the issue.

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  1. Yeah thought that bringing up his sister suddenly changed things. Before it didn’t seem like he had a ton to lose staying on the island. Poor relationship with his father. Though I’d think he’d like to see his grandpa. Missing a sister’s birthday probably would be tough on him. Though admitting he couldn’t just leave Suzu alone and leave.

  2. I LOVED this episode. Tonkatsu is a beast, nothing can deny that. This episode was my FAVORITE out of the whole anime. It had alot of comedy, alot of tonkatsu coverage AND it added to the more serious main plot.

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