Lucky Star – 13

The four girls all talk about what they did over New Years and the different customs that there are for people to participate in.


This episode was pretty good. I absolutely loved when Konata said uguu and it showed her with wings like Ayu. I still say that some of the funniest bits any anime can have is when they reference other anime. I’m really starting to like the weird animated guys who are overly obsessed with getting Konata to buy from them. When they first appeared I thought they were rather odd and not particularly funny, however I really enjoyed their appearance here and it may have been one of the best parts for me. It’s odd because it’s funny really for being so over the top when normally a bad trait would, well, be bad, but in this case it made things much funnier.

Lucky Channel wasn’t really anything special this time. I was hoping that they would show Akira’s reaction to not being able to appear in the show since last time she had a cold and couldn’t really show any reaction like you would expect from her character. The talk of figures is interesting though as I wonder how much that poll or whatever will actually have on any figure producing.

There’s one thing I have to say about this episode and it regards the ED. Wtf was that. First off, I didn’t even expect them to change the ED. I thought it was pretty interesting and funny the way it was even though the actual visuals weren’t really anything. However this ED was just…really really weird. I wasn’t even sure why they changed the ED. I had thought hat this series was going to be a short one but it looks like, from the comments about being into the second season that Shiraishi made and the fact they changed the ED, something that they usually would do half way though, that this series is going to be in the range of 24 episodes. I just first off didn’t even think it was going to be that long. It really makes me wonder how they are going to fit enough content in there with that long a span. Hopefully Konata’s cousin the super loli will be a regular character sometime to make things a bit fresher.

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  1. That ED is probably just a one off. I think the guy in the ending is Shiraishi himself, so it’s a rare chance to laugh at him while you can.

    A shame the Konata wings scene isn’t in one of your screenshots, that moment was pure genius as well in my opinion. The way KyoAni exaggerates the reactions and motions of the sales guys is also genius, and reminded me of a number of anime I watched a few years back.

    One thing I really really disliked about this episode was how KyoAni drew Tsukasa. Her expression was that of an idiot in most of her appearances, with eyes substituted by two black thin ovals, as opposed to the loli cuteness in previous episodes. Then again, this could be a move by KyoAni to decrease the degree of loli cuteness of Tsukasa in order to make room for Konata’s cousin, who is probably going to be even more loli cutenesser than any of the characters we have seen thus far.

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