D. Gray-Man – 39

The battle rages on in Barcelona between the exorcists and Akuma as Daisya faces off against Tyki from the Noah clan.


Wow, this episode was amazing. It’s got to be one of the best episodes so far. I still cant’ believe how serious and dark it was. So many people actually dieing, and all the exorcists that actually died. Although they said some of them, including Daisya, were like Yeegar was which could mean they will be back later. Still though, it was surprising to see how many died or kind of died. I guess I kind of understand more why they focused on the side characters that were so unimportant like that, as I wouldn’t really care about the exorcist dieing normally, however Daisya was cool and had an interesting story, which makes his death all the more important. It wasn’t just hat that battle had a big impact, but they actually talked about the drama it caused back at the order. Things are really stepping up so I think things will just keep getting interesting.

I was quite surprised by the new ED. Not so much being surprised that there was a new ED, but the ED itself. It was strangely Lenalee focused and made me think of her in a new way completely. I never really thought of Lenalee as being that important of a character. I mea, she was a main character, featured the most out of anyone except Allen, but I didn’t really think she was “important’ At the most I was hoping for some kind of romance between her and Allen, and I’ve been told from manga readers that’s not too far off. Still, the ED made her seem really mysterious. It was focused on her, showed her the only one alive with dozens of exorcists dead around her including Allen, Kanda, and Nagi. Then there were some scenes of her on a bloodstained wall as the others walked away from her. I know they’ve talked about her past and she had an interesting back story, being tortured basically, but this seems a lot more then I would expect. I didn’t really think of why she was kind of held prisoner, but I suppose she could be more important then it would seem.

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  1. Lol well in the manga she wasnt really tortured, its that she has a mental problem where she goes crazy if she doesnt have anybody who cares around(the members of the order had to strap her down because she tried to commit suicide out of not seeing her brother, which is why her brother is there now as chief)

  2. Well, I didn’t quite mean that she was tortured, still its shown that she was tied to the bed and was kind of miserable which is what I was getting at. The ED makes her seem more important then has been previously hinted at.

  3. Well I don’t think anyone is coming back. They said they were dead like Yeegar, which I guess means he died eventually from those injuries. I guess the point of giving us backstory on Daisya and Suman are so we do feel bad and worry about them. Daisya just didn’t stand a chance and dying like that is terrible. All we know is Suman has gone missing which isn’t good. Can’t imagine he survived an attack from Tykki and if he was alright he’d report in, so what happened to him?

  4. You should read the manga then, there are various hints at Allen/Linalee and plus the story is far way better than the anime ;D

  5. finally the anime is getting back on track with the manga!!! WOOT!!

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    it has the latest episodes, mangas, wallpapers, and a forum full of friendly people!!!

  6. Yep, I agree with Sakura
    From the manga it sounds like she could be the heart :3
    And in regards to Daisya
    Well he asked for it c:

  7. actually, further back to the story, like in Volume 11,

    Linali and Allen is the exeption of Innoence saving their lives.

    Although that Allen’s innoence’s operating limit got higher (than 83% which Hebreska said,) and as what Komui said, Allen’ll become the next GENERAL!!!!

    Linali and Allen have something special….(like, maybe the heart?)

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