My 2007 Summer Picks

Although this may be a bit late, considering that most of the shows for this new season have aired and some even have been released with subs. Although, this episode isn’t really intended to be a guide for all the shows that are coming out in the summer, but really what I’ve picked to watch and blog. I generally don’t ever drop series after blogging so these are more or less definite.

As always I have this list as well as pretty much all the shows I’m looking for in the future including ones that may be years away so this post is pretty much selective shows that I’m looking for, that are coming out now. I didn’t pick too many becasue there are still a lot of older series that have very rare and staggered fansubs, so they can make the backlog very big at times so I wanted to reduce that a bit. I also wanted to pick less shows so I’ll have more time. I’ll give Xeby time to do her editorial posts but if I have too many shows I’m blogging thats not easy.

Xeby-chan: You’re doing this all for me!? Weee, is it because you love me? :D

Xebek: Absolutely not.

Xeby-chan cries.

If it turns out some of these shows I’ve picked won’t really get blogged, or if more of the older shows finish faster then I anticipated I may add a show based on popularity or requests.
Anyways, my picks with pictures after the jump.


As I say frequently, I don’t know much. I hear its about a girl who emits electro magnetic energy when she gets embarrassed or emotional. A guy becomes interesting in this power so hopefully there will be good romance development, as I always want that in shows.


I don’t know much, only that its got extremely cute characters in it and really, thats enough for me. It seems like it has a lot of potential to really be mostly comedy and hopefully it won’t disappoint.

Nanatsurio Drops

Pretty much a mahou shoujo show, period. It doesn’t seem like tis really trying to be anything new, but I love mahou shoujo shows so I’ll give this a chance even if it does seem to be just like others.


School Days

Another eroge game adaption anime, however I’ve heard from multiple people that this is a fairly more original game then others and kind of redefined stuff. Seems interesting and even if it wasn’t completely innovative I’d still likely want to see it, so looking forward to it.

Sky Girls

I haven’t seen the OVA, at least as of the point where I’m writing this. Considering I’m going to watch this I’ll probably just quickly watch it before this is released. Anyways, it seems really interesting and I’m not entirely adverse to mecha, and this doesn’t seem like its purely mecha either so it should be fun to watch. Plus, its got Yui Horie.


Zero no Tsukaima 2nd Season

I watched and blogged the first season and unlike I enjoyed it a lot so I’m looking forward to this, and have been for a while. It seems interesting with Louise’s sisters coming into the the picture. I just hope for more romance between Louise and Saito.

As for shows that aren’t listed, its not entirely shows that I don’t think are good. Shows like Higurashi, I haven’t’ actually watched the first season, just have it downloaded so I wont be blogging it because of that. Perhaps if I can I’ll watch first season and just watch the second season later, but I wont’ blog it.

5 thoughts on “My 2007 Summer Picks”

  1. Yeah, I know. I’m pretty sure that falls under the summer season adn this is a post saying what I’m going to watch in the summer season. If I had thought it was in a different season, I wouldn’t have put it in this post.

  2. I noticed you choosing type of watching is comedy romance, are you dislike serious, violence, tragedy, mecha action?

    Schools Days original based from hentai.

  3. I wouldn’t say I dislike them, but I enjoy the comedy romance genre a lot. I havne’t really found too many good violence and tragedy shows, if one is recommended I’ll check it out though. As far as mecha its usually mixed.

  4. Like most of the choices you went with. Personally I’m not sure about Code-E, or Moe-tan. But the others I’ll probably be following so should be an interesting summer.

    First episode of Nanatsurio Drops has been subbed and I didn’t think it was bad. Somewhat funny and it’ll be interesting how this one goes. Heard that the School Days game had some pretty bloody bad endings and that’s about all I know about it, but never hurts to see how the series goes. Give girls some flying armour and let them blast things…sure why not I’ll check it out. The OVA was pretty interesting so this will be one to see where things go. Bring on Zero season 2. Enjoyed watching the first one and it’ll be good to see where things go.

    Don’t follow too many shows that are depressing myself. For some reason they just put me in a bad mood for a while and if I’m watching something I want to be relatively cheerful about it. But of course any good action, or mecha thing I’ll watch a bit. But anyways enough of what I’m doing. Like the choices of what your going with.

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