Hidamari Sketch – 11

The girls all go on a school trip to the zoo to do some sketches and on the way back when Yoshinoya faints from carsickness, the girls take her to the apartments to rest.


This episode was good for one main reason and one reason only, Yoshinoya-sensei. I’ve said before how awesome of a character she is. She’s most certainly my favorite character in this show and one of my overall favorites. I couldn’t’ believe how focused this episode was on her. She made the episodes great just when they showed her acting weird and unique like once in an episode. This episode not only did she get featured throughout the entire episode but later on they actually talked and theorized about her. It was just surprising that it’s not that she was the funniest part about the episode, she was the episode. It’s hard to pinpoint what’s so great about her, she’s just great period. The way she acts so young and carefree is great, being more of a child then the four main girls. The first half the episode was admittedly a bit boring, because things were just the normal relaxing slice of life kind of events. Later though when it really got to talking about Yoshinoya and actually talking about how she used to live at the Hidamari Apartments, it really was just great to watch.

Yoshinoya’s cosplaying is one of the great things too. One thing that was cool was in one of the pictures it looked like she was dressed as Motsu, the frog thing from Negima. Unless it’s a regular disfigured form for a frog, it was neat to see it cross reference other anime. Of course, her other costumes were great too, as she’s not only a great character because she’s so funny and silly and carefree, she’s pretty damn hot too and it’s always fun to see someone as hot and playful as her in different outfits. I just really hope they show Yoshinoya more, as she’s a great character and although I may be a bit biased because of my fanboyism for her, she does make the show much more fun and enjoyable to watch.

2 thoughts on “Hidamari Sketch – 11”

  1. This episode really reminded me of Kinu from Sumomomo – the cosplay assassin.
    Anyway, such a shame this is the penultimate episode of Hidamari Sketch. I really enjoy this series. This might be the last episode in which we see Yoshinoya appear for a decent length of time.

  2. I’ll answer all your questions of your three comments here.

    I dont really think there was any serious yuri at all, it just seemed like she was very childish and got closer then some may consider the norm, but just because she’s so carefree.

    The fansub I watched for this episode had the still frames you’re talking about too. It did seem really weird to me but I don’t know if it was intentional. This one was from anon but once Shintai releases theirs I’ll download theirs for keep.

    Indeed Yoshinoya is the best part about the show, but its still at least fun to watch a bit.

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