Nanoha StrikerS – 10

As the four forwards progress to level two, they are given the rest of the day off to spend it in the town as they please.


Finally the subs for this show have come out. I was a bit surprised when it got delayed because they were coming out rather regularly then just stopped. Anyways, this episode was pretty good. Not very exciting or anything, as the drama from the Tea incident is gone and they haven’t really gotten full swing into the next incident, so this was really just to fill the gap. However it was still nice and fun to watch but honestly was a tad boring. It does seem to have some good potential for the next incident, finding this girl. They’ve started to move out with a lot o the real exciting plot now, as they have the doctor introduce and release more and more new characters. Soon there will be a lot of them, making things much more interesting I believe. I still wonder if any of these new mages are going to more or less join the good guys. The one they recovered may have a chance just because she’s with them right now, but as for the others they seem on the bad side and I Don’t know what would make them switch. However Nanoha has a history of pretty much making the bad guys into allies at the end.

Probably what I enjoyed the most out of this episode isn’t any of the interesting plot that’s really starting to come though or anything like that. It was the relationship they showed between Caro and Erio. Now, I know, in pretty much every anime I always say how I hope for some romance to happen. If there is a slight chance of anything developing between two characters, I want it to happen. I really thought that Erio and Caro made a great pair. Hell they’re the same age and kind of same background so they know what each others gone through. Plus they just really seemed to click. If only their day off hadn’t been interrupted, pretty much the “plan” set out for them was a date. I don’t’ really know how much they can really put into showing any more of their relationship, because the plot is starting to really show and develop. If they take much time to show that then it will hurt other places. Still, I think they make a great couple and it was really nice to see them together like they were here.

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  1. Yeah good that things are going once again in the sub area. I’m sure there was something going on since it wasn’t like they were releasing for any other series.

    The ErioxCaro relationship has been nice. It’s been one in this series that they were pretty quick to put together (meeting in episode 2). Kind’ve an odd thing with this series but it’s been nice. They’ll probably find ways to work on that and keep on the main plot. Heck since they’ve put this effort into it maybe it’ll have something to do with the plot down the road maybe? Gotta love though that Shari actually planned their date for them. Even if they seemed to be treating it like a mission.

    Things though are picking up and we should get some good action.

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