Hidamari Sketch – 10

The four girls all head to a bathhouse together after the festival at school is done.


This episode actually felt a bit boring, more then some of the other episodes, but at the same time it was still fun to watch. This show really is mostly relaxing and fun. It doesn’t have anything outstanding about it at all, and it isn’t likely to be anything memorable, but it’s fun and nice to watch, even if it’s slightly on the boring side. It’s hard to explain, but just seeing the slice of life, the more calm and not drama filled events is just rather fun .

I thought the bathhouse half of this episode was better then the part dealing with he festival. Like I said though it’s a bit hard to describe what this show is like, as really it’s just relaxing. It was fun seeing them in the bath not really because of any fanservice or reasons like that, but seeing them all together was fun just because they really seem to have great chemistry together. Even though Miya adds most of the comedy, the other more slice of life conversations are just nice to hear, and I think the bathhouse segment did a better job with that then the part about the festival and the painting.

I did really like the yuri like scenes and tension between Sae and Hiro. It was very fun to watch how they each took off their cloths really slowly and each kept glancing over at each other, getting embarrassed. Then Miya just stripped and ran to the bath. They’ve had some yuri inclinations about those tow before, not that there really is anything but it’s really fun to see them when they show it, no matter if it leads anywhere or not.

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  1. Which fansub did you see?? There seemed to be plenty of still frames during which the characters were talking. Too plenty in my opinion. Pretty strange considering the animation of the previous 9 episodes.

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