Hidamari Sketch – 09

When an old student of Yoshinoya’s comes to visit the class Yuno starts to really worry about having dreams for her future.


This episode was very fun. Again, the sow is really keeping with he whole just being relaxing and fun to watch. This episode seemed to almost be, above some of the others, much more focused on the slice of life aspect that the show has going. Although all of its really fit into that genre, this is one of the times that its hit me the most that its following that kind of path. Worrying about your dreams for the future and things like that, what this episode was focused on with Yuno, was very interesting to watch. The old student was fun to see. Not really someone who would be interesting as a returning character at all, but it did make that slice of life aspect more interesting.

I was a bit surprised with how Miya’s character was portrayed near the end of the episode. Usually she’s been nothing more then a comical character that does some really random and funny things. Some of the comedy coming from how poor she is. However near the end she seemed like she was really nice and cared about how Yuno was feeling. When Yuno mentioned the thing about her dreams she was really there for her, and even spent the night over not just for the hell of it or to continue any joke about her being poor, but so that she would be there for Yuno. I think she showed herself to be a really good friend of Yuno in this episode. Which surprised me a bit but it was really nice to see. They’ve done a rather good job of showing that Hiro and Sae are close, like Hiro bringing Sae food when she nears a deadline because she knows she can’t go out and things like that, so it was really nice to see it form Miya who is normally only really thought of as a goofball character.

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  1. Is it just me or was there a bit of suggestive yuriness between Yoshinoya and her pupil??

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