Hayate no Gotoku – 14

Hina goes with her sister to try and break the news of Hayate’s failure to him, when they find Nagi’s already thrown him a party to celebrate his getting in.


Wow….thank god Hayate got in. I was really really worried and thought that he would end up not being able to get in. After all, it’s always been a topic to draw comedy about how pathetic his life is but this was really going too far I thought. I freaked out last episode and in my write up for it. I could even believe it myself how caught up and how much I cared for if he got in or not. It’s almost not even from thinking it’s too harsh for Hayate, I think the show has so much more potential if Hayate goes to school and interacts there. Just the thought of that opportunity going away is part of what made me devastated to think he wouldn’t get in. I’m just really very glad he got in. Again, I seem to care way too much about this then I should but it really does show how good this show ahs done in getting me to care for the characters. Hopefully they don’t screw this up now that they’ve opened up a large window for some really great content. It will make some of the great characters they’ve introduced have a bigger part, because it’s less of a stress and problem to come up with excuses for them to appear. Isumi, Sakuya, and Hina all go to the school, before they had to give a reason why they would run into Hayate, now that’s really taken care of.

Asides from just the conclusion about Hate going to the school after all, it was a very good episode. I was a bit nervous throughout though worrying if he would get n, but they managed to add some humor that didn’t completely pile on how pathetic it would be for Hayate not to get in and how much it would crush him. I was a bit worried it would almost make it worse and although it’s funny to see how miserable he was, it would have hurt more to have him be miserable in this situation. I loved when Maria confronted Hayate about everything. It was nice to see them be close like that, and although I want something between Nagi and Hate, it was kind of sweet that she was talking to him like that and very cute the way she got embarrassed about realizing how close she was to Hayate.

As I said I’m really looking forward to the future episodes and hope that they do take advantage of the situation now and have him go to school more then just once. I think it’s just a wonderful opportunity to advance many parts of the show and can’t wait.

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