Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! – 16

Ayako’s grandfather visits her and in order to protect Mamoru and his family form his wild ways she tires to hide their relationship form him.


I found this episode to be very funny and really enjoyed it. It does seem as if the show has gotten back to some of the random relaxing comedy. There was a rather large focus on the serious stuff a while ago, with Emel’s appearance and her getting between Mamoru and Ayako, then Johan’s appearance. Everything to really serious and I was beginning to think that that tone would continue for the rest of the series. Maybe not every episode being packed full of plot, but still having the focus of something bad happening. However this episode, as the last one were really nice and relaxing and it shows the show has pretty much gotten back to that. I really do hope they continue to do this focus. Although it may seem odd that I’m hoping they don’t have plot filled episodes right away, I think that these relaxing episodes are, for this series anyways, more fun to watch and really help the characters. The only thing I’m still hoping for is showing more romance between Mamoru and Ayako. It’s pretty definite that they’re together, yet you really don’t SEE that. They need to show them on a date or something.

As for Ayako’s grandfather himself, I loved his character. I hope they show the next episode with him as well. Now that its out in the open that Ayako and Mamoru are together it can leave the episode open for her grandfather to kind of poke fun at that or actually do partially one of the crazy things they talked about. He really seemed like a fun and interesting character. The way he’s so carefree and does unorthodox thing sis really cool because it’s a bit different form what a character in his position may be. I loved how he just came out and made comments about Ayako’s breasts becoming larger and such. Which is why I hope he’s in at least one more episode. If they don’t deal with him setting up some trap like thing just to get Ayako and Mamoru to basically tell him the truth, I think he can show a lot more of what makes him a funny character like that.

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