What’s With You Subbers? Do You Hate Me That Much?

Ok, this isn’t really a complaint about subbing quality or people not releasing them fast enough. I realize that it takes time and all. But this is just so weird and almost unbelievable that I’m a bit in shock.

I’ve been working to keep my backlog clear. It was clear for a long time and I was on top of the shows and everything was fine. Then, all of a sudden I go from no backlog to like 12 episodes. With less then one day between them. All of a sudden the subbers decided to release stuff on the same time on the same day. What’s more is that the really random and slow subbers that aren’t regular like some of the popular shows released a bunch too. So on top of the regular shows there are a bunch of ones I can’t predict. That’s fine, except when they are released in batches of four episodes and two episodes at a time!

I’m blogging Kamichama Karin and is had some problem with not getting people to sub it, and then a group swooped down and subbed like nearly the whole series in two weeks, only a few episode left. They decided to release four episodes right after each other. Then, if one random show wasn’t enough, Negima’s sub group decided to release two episodes at the same time, and at the same time as the four Kamichama Karin episodes. Plus about four episodes of normal shows, one being Mamoru which is slightly not as regular.

I guess I’m not really complaining. Hell, I’m impressed with KamiKarin’s subbers for pretty much subbing the series in two weeks. I’m just a bit surprised that so many episodes came out at nearly the exact same time and just kind of plopped up in front of me so I was a bit taken back and just surprised that in less then a day so many releases came out. Right when I need to have time cleared up to think of new season :D

6 thoughts on “What’s With You Subbers? Do You Hate Me That Much?”

  1. lol same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I have a full time job so I defiantly cant watch everything when they get released. So at the time this had happened, my backlog went up to 20 eps…so i picked a few random shows that I was currently watching (even though I know they are good shows) and put them on permanent backlog until the shows finish airing, then I plan to marathon them over a weekend at a later time. This spring season had a lot of really good shows imo.

  2. Well i got frustrated also i been watching so many anime raw, its probably they have some staff problem they trying looking for a new translator.

  3. What are you talking about? I didn’t once mention anything about them being slow. Did you read my post? I said I was surprised that they are coming out so fast, not that they were too slow. Why would their “problem” as you described it be that they are looking for a new translator when they are releasing them really fast.

  4. This is the first season that I’ve really tracked fansubbers as they release series (Melancholy was actually the first TV series I watched as it was released).

    However, my problem appears to be the opposite of yours. Three of the four spring shows I’m watching appear to be coming out at a snail’s pace. Nagasarete Airantou has sort of caught up, but Ayako went two stints of 9 days between episodes (or 2 episodes in almost 3 weeks if you can’t do the math). Serin went 13 days then 9 days when releasing 2 episodes and are pretty much a full episode behind schedule. Even afk with Lucky Star is a little slow, with 8 and 9 days between their last two releases.

    The only one that seems to have stayed relatively on schedule is Otacon with Seto no Hanayome.

    I’d actually be happy if they suddenly caught up because I’ve had little to watch recently, and since we’re halfway through the season, I’m not really up on starting a new series unless it’s already finished up (see: Sola, though I haven’t downloaded it yet).

    I was planning on starting 4 new series for the summer, but maybe I’ll increase it to 6 or 8 just so I have more to watch.

    Of course, I don’t blog all the series I watch, at least not yet, just because I haven’t gotten into a groove yet on how to do it most efficiently (ah, such is the life of an aspiring anime blogger).

    I’d watch them raw if I actually knew Japanese (though with N.A., I actually have been getting most of whats going on, even though I have no clue what they’re saying).

  5. Im talking about Nanoha Striker S, Devil May Cry, Wangan Midnight, Romeo x Juliet,
    Monster Princess this is what i mean the sub far delay now. And now Suzumiya Haruhi Season two has been confirmed don’t you have any update right now.

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